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  • Declarations of Performance
  • To access Numens's Declarations of Performance for each of the various EU New Approach Directives, please select the link below:
  • Declarations of Performance Product Download
    DoP_07_SNA-360 Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors SNA-360-C2, SNA-360-CL
    DoP_06_HNA-360 Addressble Heat Detectors HNA-360-H2, HNA-360-HL
    DoP_05_SNA-360 Addressable Smoke Detectors SNA-360-S2, SNA-360-SL
    DoP_03_HNC-310 Non-addressable Heat Detectors HNC-310-H2, HNC-310-HL
    DoP_04_SNC-300 Non-addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors SNC-300-C2, SNC-300-CL, SNC-300-CR
    DoP_02_SNC-300 Non-addressable Smoke Detectors SNC-300-S2, SNC-300-SL, SNC-300-SR
    DoP_01_SND-500 Residential Smoke Alarms SND-500-S